Segmented curriculum

In our coding classes we use our proprietary innovative curriculum, specifically segmented for the age and the abilities of the students. The MindHub Curriculum is segregated into 3 segments - MindHub Junior (6 & 7 years old kids), MindHub Middle (8 and 9 years old kids) and MindHub Senior (10 and 11 years old kids). The segment depends on the age when the kids enter into our curriculum (all the curriculums are end to end).

Modules length is 4 weeks.

Junior 6 - 7 Years

Логическо и алгоритмично мислене. Изчислително мислене и базови алгоритми.

Middle 8 - 9 Years

Аналитично мислене. Фундаменти в програмирането и блоково програмиране.

Senior 10 - 11 Years

Фундаменти в програмирането. Разработка на игри. Програмни езици.