What is MindHub?

Innovative coding classes for children in the age of 6 up to 11 years!
In MindHub, we help kids develop their logical and computational thinking, studying programming fundamentals!

Save your spot for MindHub Summer Camp

Summer camp for kids in the age of 6 up to 11 years.
We offer half-day as well as full-day coding camps, which you could enroll your kid for a week or two weeks in the period of 03.06 to 31.08

  • Way of thinking

    Your child would develop his logical and analytical thinking (computational thinking), which they could use to solve complex logical problems.

  • Innovative methodologies

    In our coding classes, children study coding fundamentals while playing board games, code software for robots and develop virtual worlds.

  • Personal development

    MindHub helps your kid not only into building fundamental knowledge into the programming area but we also build their social skills and analytical thinking!

Study with MindHub

The methodology, Mindhub use to teach children computer programming is based on gamification and working into small teams on variety of projects and games. Kids gain experience which is very important for the future, creating and presenting their own games and animations, coding robots and their artificial intelligence, working in small groups. This way children socialize and build their social skills as well as they start understanding how to work in teams.

Upcoming classes

Upcoming classes, related to our activity in teaching programming for children. Sign up now or take a look at our schedule for upcoming coding class.

  • Date

    20/07/2019 (Saturday)

  • Durtion

    4 weeks

  • Time

    11:00. - 13:00. (2ч)

  • Location

    Зала "MindHub - Борово"

    ул. Солун 62, ет. 1 Sofia
  • Price

    120.00 bgn

Specifically developed tools and instruments

All tools and games which we use in our classes are particularly developed for training children programming and development of logical and analytical thinking!

  • Software and hardware tooling
  • Robots and drones
  • Board games and card games

Segment based curriculum

Our training is grounded on an original innovative program of several segments which is distributed by age. We work in small groups of 6-8 children of close age due to the specifics of our activities and our desire to have an individual approach to children.

Junior 6 - 7 Years

Logical and algorithmic thought process. Calculative thinking and basic algorithms.

Middle 8 - 9 Years

Analytical thinking. Programming and block programming basics.

Senior 10 - 11 Years

Programming basics. Game development. Program languages.

Testimonials (What do parents thing about MindHub?)

We would love to hear your feedback! Do not hesitate to write us on our facebook page with all your feedback or ideas!

I share our admirations to the team and method of trainig. They are young and intelligent people who can spark interest and engage children for knowledge. My son, Martin, is looking forward to continue his training in MindHub.

— Petya Neycheva

This is a truly meaningful and innovative children's vacation. When our child comes back home happily and wants to come back again and again to play with MindHub & HappyKid, something tells me we as parents have made the right choice.

— Zoya Koleva


Enrich your children knowledge!

Help your children to make the first steps in the world of computer programming.