Summer camp for 1 week (July 22 - July 26)

An interesting and educational summer for your child!

Academy is suitable for both beginners and children with previous programming experience.

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6 - 7 YEARS


8 - 9 YEARS


10 - 11 YEARS

Suitable for: Beginners

Length: 5 Days

Available slots: 20/20

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Зала "MindHub - Варна"
Адресът е бул. Хр. Смирненски 237, ет 2, офис 11
129.00 bgn

MindHub Summer camp offers half day form of participation for one or two weeks during the period June 3 - August 30. The Summer Academy is suitable for both beginners and children with previous programming experience.

Our program includes 10 independent thematic days, each dedicated to game programming, interactive storytelling and robot programming.
Children enrolled for 1 week will receive a certificate of participation. Тhose who have gone through the 10 days of the Academy will receive a certificate of successful academy completion and a special gift from MindHub!

The daily schedule for your child's stay looks like this:
8:30 - 9:00 Welcome children
9:00 - 13:00 Workshops on programming
13:00 - Saying Goodbye

For the period July 22  - July 26 children will go through from Topic 6 to Topic 10.

  • Topic 1

    1. A sports day with robots

    Day 1 is dedicated to recreating various sports with robots. Children will program the behaviour of different types of robots. Their second task will be to create sports games.

  • Topic 2

    2. A star trip in the open space

    During this day, children will discover the infinite secrets of space by controlling robots to explore various celestial bodies and spaces. Kids will create their own interactive animations and entertaining games.

  • Topic 3

    3. Music and dancing with robots

    On day 3, the little programmers will create programs with different visual and sound effects. Together they will recreate their favourite dancing and music reality shows.

  • Topic 4

    4. Robo battles

    This is the all-time favourite day of children! They will program different types of robots that will compete against each others in various battles. Kids will equip their robots, will develop strategies, and implement them.

  • Topic 5

    5. Creating 3D animations and games

    On day 5, the little programmers will create games and animations with various 3D and visual effects. They will work in different programming environments and each of the children will be able to apply lots of creativity.

  • Topic 6

    6. Robots lost in a labyrinth

    This day is dedicated to rescuing robots lost in a labyrinth! Children will move their robot across the labyrinth by means of a program they create, and then will program interesting games and animations.

  • Topic 7

    7. Modernization of fairy tales and movie scenes recreation

    On this day, together with the kids we will recreate all-time favourite children's movies and fairy tales. We will play different roles to bring our characters into life by coding.

  • Topic 8

    8. A crazy robot race and games in Hopscotch and Scratch

    On day 8, we will compete to reach the finish first! Children will create games in different programming environments and the day will end with a crazy robot race.

  • Topic 9

    9. ArtBots - robots write for us

    We all know that robots can do a lot of things, however, they could not do them without us. That is why on day 9 kids will learn and program robots to write for them. We will create Lego hands and will write in Morse code.

  • Topic 10

    10. Creating sci-fi games

    On day 10, children will embark on the world of sci-fi by creating their own games on this theme and will program fantastic missions with various robots.

Интересно и ползотворно лято за вашето дете!

Малчуганите ще се забавляват с:

  • Работилници по програмиране
  • Допълнителни дейности
  • Свободно време и спорт

Децата записани за 1 седмица ще получат удостоверение за участие, а всички преминали през 10-те дни на академията ще получат заслужен сертификат за успешното й завършване и специален подарък от MindHub!