10 - 11 Years
Level 1, Module 1

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  • Date

    04/05/2019 (Saturday)

  • Durtion

    16:00. - 18:00. (2ч) / 4 седмици

  • Location

    Зала "MindHub - Борово" - ул. Солун 62, ет. 1 Sofia

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    120.00 bgn

In this module students learn the basics of programming using visual programming language. They build programs consisting a number of instructions which they use to control the behavior of various robots. Students work with various interfaces and program sprites they can use in games. In this module students are introduced to events in programming. Having an event in the algorithm allows us to carry out various actions such as controlling sprites in games or robots. Students learn how robots can communicate with each other or with software sprites.

Topics в Module 1 (Level 1, Module 1)

Introduction to programming with a visual language
Тема 1

What is a program? The nature of block programming. Instructions priority

In this lesson students learn what an instruction is and how to create an algorithm – a sequence of steps, the following of which leads to only to an expected result. Students create their first algorithms by properly ordering a pre-defined blocks of code. In this lesson we pay attention to the way a program is executed and which instruction is more important. Students find out why it is important to order the instructions logically in the correct way and what priority is.

Тема 2

Introducing various programming interfaces. Basic mathematics, introduction of the coordinate system

In this lesson students use their previous knowledge in a new programming environment, where they need to solve a logical task. This lesson lets student practice applying instructions to different software and hardware tools. Arithmetic is a key component of the program creation process. In this lesson students find out about the connection between programming and mathematics. Students learn how to use coordinate systems to position sprites and objects. They finish the module by preparing their own project.

Тема 3

Definition and application of events

In this lesson students are introduced to the concept of events in programming. There are actions that we call events in programming, which cause other actions to take place in the program. The event may be cause by the user through pressing a button, a mouse click, etc. It could also be the result of the actions in the program itself.

Тема 4

Throwing and catching of events. Initiators and consumers . Preparing a project.

In this lesson students expand their knowledge by building various programs that include constructs with events. Students learn how to activate a number of instructions of a part of their program. The introduction of the concepts initiators and consumers will expand student knowledge on events in programming. In this lesson students familiarize themselves with basic concepts and apply them in different programs to achieve an expected result. In this lesson students revise what they have learnt so far and prepare a final project.