6 - 7 Years
Level 1, Module 2

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    11/05/2019 (Saturday)

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In this module students are introduced to loops in programming - constructs that allow us to repeat a fragment of the code or all of the code. By using loops we can optimize a program and include various conditionals like an event that ends the loop.

Topics в Module 2 (Level 1, Module 2)

Repeating actions (Looping a cycle)
Тема 1

Consecutive and repeating actions

In this lesson students learn the difference between consecutive and repeating actions in a program. The loop concept is introduced through examples of everyday life.

Тема 2

Counter loops

Loops are a key element of every programming language. In this lesson students learn how counter loops allow for a certain instruction to be repeated a defined number of times.

Тема 3

Decision loops

This lesson further expands students’ knowledge in the role of loops in the program. The aim is for the students to understand the loops instruction ‘Repeat until’, which allows for an instruction, or a block of instructions, to be repeated until a pre-defined action takes place.

Тема 4

Preparing a project Junior 3

This is a practice lesson and it helps students put to use all they have learnt in the module and successfully do a project.