10 - 11 Years
Level 1, Module 2

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    20/04/2019 (Saturday)

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In this module students learn what variables are and also how to acquire value to the variable. They find out about the various types of variables and the way they can be applied to programming. Students learn to read their code better and to debug it in the process of preparing projects.

Topics в Module 2 (Level 1, Module 2)

Introducing variables
Тема 1

Definition of variables. Nature of variables – type and value

In this lesson students are introduced to the variable as a part of programming. They learn how to save information in the program execution code (for example – the result) by including variables in the algorithm. Students learn about different types of variables and how to change their value.  

Тема 2

Definition of a constant. Types of variables.

In this lesson student are introduced to a special type of numbers – constants. These are fixed variables, which cannot be changed by the program. Constants can be all basic types of data.

Тема 3

Acquiring variable value (literal)

In this lesson students are introduced to the concept of literal. They develop interesting projects using various platforms and robots using value in their code. They learn how to acquire value to the variable in their program.

Тема 4

Reading code and debugging. Preparing a project.

Students learn what debugging is and practice fixing small program errors. Debugging skills are crucial to any programmer. Students learn to read their code, find the mistakes and debug the code. They are shown the best ways to find missing links in the code and to fix errors. In this lesson students revise what they have learnt so far and prepare a final project.