6 - 7 Years
Level 1, Module 3

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In this module students expand their knowledge with the introduction of conditional constructs to their algorithms. Using a conditional operator they will find out how a certain part of the code can be activated depending on the conditional.

Topics в Module 3 (Level 1, Module 3)

Conditional constructs in the program
Тема 1

What is a conditional?

Sometimes in programming certain parts of the code are activated depending on the answer of a question or the value of a variable. That happens when we have used conditional instructions (‘if’ instructions).

Тема 2

Types of conditional if – then/If – then – else

In this lesson students are introduced to conditional constructs in programming. Depending on the end goal of our program we can create an instruction of the type (if) conditional -> (then) instruction, which will be executed only when the correct answer is given. We also introduce the more complex if then – else instruction in which different instructions are executed both in correct and wrong answer.

Тема 3

If – then conditionals

The focus in this lesson is on practicing the simple if-then conditional instruction. We gradually move towards writing linear code for a branching program and student-made conditionals.  

Тема 4

Preparing a project Junior 6

This is a practice lesson and it helps students put to use all they have learnt in the module and successfully do a project.