8 - 9 Years
Level 1, Module 3

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In this lesson students meet conditional constructs for the first time. By including a conditional operator in their program, they will learn how to activate a certain part of the code depending on the condition that has been set beforehand.

Topics в Module 3 (Level 1, Module 3)

Branching. Conditional constructs in programming
Тема 1

What is a condition? True or False

Students get familiar with conditional constructs in programming. Sometimes different parts of the code need to be activated in the program, depending on what the answer to a question or what the value of a variable is. To make a decision, the program checks if the condition has been met or not (true or false). There are only two possible answers to the check.

Тема 2

Simple conditional constructs and complex conditions

In this lesson students build their first program using a simple conditional construct. This happens with the use of conditional operators – they contain the condition if. Here students learn how by using the key word ‘else’ they can add an instruction if the answer is false.

Тема 3

Nested conditions and application of logical operator

In this lesson students build on their previous knowledge about conditional constructs. Students create complex programs by optimizing the instructions in the algorithm. They are introduced to the concept repeated iteration as a part of the program. In this lesson students learn about logical operators in more detail and understand they are an important part of programming. Students receive more information of their role in the program.

Тема 4

Preparing a project Middle 5

This is a practice lesson and it helps students put to use all they have learnt in the module and successfully do a project.