8 - 9 Years Enroll

MindHub Middle is our program for children at the age of 8 and 9. Our aim in this course is to develop analytical and logical thinking in our students along with their problem solving and digital skills. We start by learning the basics of programming using a project-based learning method. Around the end of the course this gradually moves towards learning the programming language Python which students can use to build complex apps such as games, websites and others. Our education system is based on creating a social environment in which students work in teams, developing their social and presentation skills.


Each level has a length of 4 modules (16 weeks)!

  • 1 Level
    Level 1 - Little Enthusiast Programmer
  • 2 Level
    Level 2 - Advanced in Block Programming
  • 3 Level
    Level 3 - Expert in Visual Language Programming
  • 4 Level
    Python level - Training in Python Programming Language