6 - 7 Years Enroll

MindHub Junior is the name of our program for children at the age of 6 and 7. In this course the aim is for our students to develop analytical and logical thinking skills, problem solving skills and fundamental programming skills through various play-based methods. The course takes students on a fun ride through various modules of logical problems, programming basics and finally – studying a programming language at the end of the course. Our education system is based on creating a social environment in which students work in teams, developing their social and presentation skills.


Each level has a length of 4 modules (16 weeks)!

  • 1 Level
    Level 1 - Beginner young coder
  • 2 Level
    Level 2 - Experienced Little Programmer
  • 3 Level
    Level 3 - Advanced in Block Programming
  • 4 Level
    Level 4 - Expert in Block Programming
  • 5 Level
    Python level - Training in Python programming language