10 - 11 Years Enroll
Level 2

Duration 4 Modules

Level 2 - An Expert Programmer

This module introduces students to the algorithm allocation in functions and procedures using block programming in a variety of environments. They strengthen their skills to work with variables creating interactive games and programming robots and Micro:bit boards. They are introduced to the concept of “memory register” and develop an interesting complex project in the final part of the level.


Module 1

Introducing operators in programming

In this module students find out the nature of operators and their structure. They study the role they play in programming and how to use them correctly to make their programs better. Students learn to construct an algorithm with more than one operator.

Module 2

Creating and optimizing algorithms

In this module students are introduced to the concept of algorithm in more detail. They create complex projects that include conditions and loops. When we create a complex program we need to take into account all the scenarios that might prevent us from achieving the result we expect. In this module students work on their problem solving skills and on removing obstacles on their way to the expected results.

Module 3

Applying procedures and functions in the program

In this module students apply everything they have learnt in their varied and interesting programs. They learn how to acquire value to a function and how to activate a function in any given part of the code. They develop complex programs using procedures that will control the behavior of various robots.

Module 4


In this module, children will have to solve problems individually. The module includes programs related to the re-creation of world famous games and missions from international robotic programming competitions. With them, children will be able to showcase their potential and try to implement all their ideas in digital programming environments.