8 - 9 Years Enroll
Level 2

Duration 4 Modules

Level 2 - Advanced in Block Programming

The “Advanced in Block Programming” level includes practical application of the material learned in the first several modules, compiling complex algorithms and upgrading the knowledge on variables. At this level, kids have the chance to fully test their knowledge by creating complex games. Here children learn to work with more than one variable and define their types by themselves depending on what they need for their games. At this level kids code robots’ behaviour and use variables for the first time. Last but not least, at this level children learn how to read a ready-made code and to debug it - that is, debugging. Again, we stake on the variety of programming environments and hardware tools since it is crucial for children to see immediately the implementation of the program they have coded and the way it changes by changing one or more instructions.


Module 1

Creating and simplifying algorithms

Through optimizing the instructions in the complex algorithms from the modules so far, students learn how to simplify their programs. In this module they prepare projects and practice their algorithm and program construction skills.  

Module 2


The focus in this module will be for children to consider how to use conditional constructions optimally and how to convert different types of cycles. They will use the skills they have developed in order to create more complex games and programs.

Module 3


This module will introduce children to the concept of variable. They will learn how to set initial value to a variable and how to modify it in the working process. They will learn about the different types of variables and how to use them in the different programming environments.

Module 4


In this project module, children will develop project modules and create games. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to practice everything they have learned accomplishing various interesting missions from international programming competitions.